Leonie Darch Success Stories

Phobia of the Sea/Swimming

“I had a very bad fear of the sea that was so consuming it began to ruin my holidays. I had a trip booked to the Maldives and I was determined to not let my fear ruin that holiday too. I decided to get hypnotherapy to see whether it would work.

Wow. It has literally changed my life. After three, hour long sessions, I truly feel that my fears have been conquered. I felt at ease in the sea on holiday… I would even say that snorkeling everyday was the highlight of my time there.

Leonie taught me to look back at the memories that caused me pain and see them in a different light. I was also taught how to reduce my anxiety with breathing techniques, which I used on holiday and I also now use in daily life.

I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy and Leonie. She made me feel so at ease and I cannot thank her enough for changing my perspective on the sea.”

Leonie Darch Hypnotherapy

Weight Management Programme

“Hi Leonie, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for helping me achieve an 8st 4lb weight loss. I remember beginning my journey on a wet January Friday afternoon. I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have had the determination without your help. I was voted ‘Miss Slinky’ by the Slimming World friends for 2016 as an inspiration to my class. I’m almost at my target which I hope to achieve by March next year. I’ve also managed to reverse the diabetes and came off the medication in August. So win win on all counts. I am recommending you to everyone! Thanks again”

Confidence and Self Esteem

‘I got in touch with Leonie after the break down of a 3 year relationship which had left me feeling completely helpless. Having the hypnosis sessions completely changed this for me. They helped me to adapt my way of thinking and really process my negative emotions. I am now feeling much better and looking forward to the future. I’ll carry the lessons I learnt with me as I move forward and focus on becoming the best version of me. I am so grateful for Leonie’s help and so pleased that I reached out for help”

Beat the Blush Programme

"I got in touch with Leonie to see if hypnotherapy could help with a blushing issue I had which was really knocking my self-esteem and impacting daily life at work, coupled with a fear I had of giving presentations. The situation was becoming worse and becoming a large problem for me. What a huge difference a few sessions with Leonie made! After just one session, I noticed the next day at work in a situation which arose that previously always made me really blush / get a blotchy rash, I didn’t experience my usual redness! I was amazed! This positive result continued and was reinforced with a handful more sessions. The test was a large formal presentation I was to give at work, and the result was a confident delivery and no redness/blotchy rash! A few weeks on, I feel so much more confident in meetings and presentations at work, and I haven’t blushed since before I started the sessions. Thank you so much Leonie for such a great result and helping me overcome a major issue I had which was really impacting my work life."


"What an amazing experience from start to finish…. myself and my partner attended Leonie’s 1:1 course, and we thoroughly enjoyed it all, including the labour and birth of our little girl!
She is our first baby, however not once was we scared or nervous throughout the labour or birth, and this was 100% down to what we learnt with Leonie. Practicing daily, allowed us to feel prepared for everything which labour threw at us.
In the end we had a perfect labour and birth for us, which was a water birth, at a midwife led unit, only taking paracetamol and of course practicing everything we had learnt from Leonie!
It was magical and we felt in total control throughout the whole pregnancy/ birth and we have you to thank for this Leonie xx”