Do you feel as though your life is not your own sometimes?

  Maybe your time is a balance of work demands and family responsibilities, putting everyone else before yourself? 

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed in our new world of CoronaVirus restrictions? 

Maybe you are worrying about what the future will be like in one month or six months or even tomorrow?


As a woman we are expected to want it all and do it all. We learn to juggle, multitask and cope.

We put others before ourselves and we wait for everyone else to be happy before we go after what makes us happy. We are often running on empty, exhausted and pushing on through.

But there is only so much of that we can take.

Eventually, even the most seasoned juggler will get tired arms.

And that’s when it starts.

The emotional rollercoaster. The anxiety. The weight gain. The lack of sleep. The worry.


I don’t know how it’s showing up for you, but something has brought you here to me and I want you to know that I can help.

You don’t need to be strong for everyone else, you can put yourself first for a while and you can learn to manage your emotions, so you feel more in control again.

I won’t tell you that I have a magic wand or promise that I will fix you because you’ve been doing a pretty amazing job so far.

You’re not broken, but you just need a helping hand to feel differently. Once you do, you’ll feel stronger, more resilient and more able to cope with whatever life brings your way.

Old habits will fall away, changes will be easier and you’ll notice you feel calmer and happier.


This is yours if you want it


The Happy Healthy Women membership will help you start to take control of your life today and feel happier and more resilient every day.

 Through hypnosis relaxations you can teach your brain to operate in this new complex world, feeling calm, in control and confident about who you are.

 Through the online community you can feel the support of likeminded women, if one woman is strong….a group of women is a power house.

 Perfect your juggling skills with access to my expertise and experience as a women’s coach,

accessing exclusive 1:1 support and group masterclasses to keep your balls in the air.


This is yours if you want it.


Leonie Darch
Guided Relaxation
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Full Membership

£19.99/£199 per month/per year
  • Two professionally recorded guided relaxation/hypnosis tracks for home use.
  • Exclusive membership area with how to videos, masterclasses, coaching, relaxation clinics and techiques.
  • Private Facebook community of likeminded women.
  • 30 minutes private live coaching or personalised relaxation to directly address your needs.
  • Exclusive 25% discount off additional hypnotherapy or coaching.
  • Exclusive 25% discount of all Neal's Yard Remedies.

Lite Membership

£9.99/£99 per month/year
  • Two professionally recorded guided relaxation/hypnosis tracks for home use.
  • Exclusive membership area with how to videos, masterclasses, coaching, techniques.
  • Facebook community of like minded women.
  • 25% discount of all Neal's Yard Remedies.

An online members club to bring the benefits of hypnotherapy and guided relaxation to the comfort of your home.

The same quality of support to help you be the best you can be all day, every day.

"Leonie's voice is amazing! The relaxation has helped me deal with my anxieties during lockdown. Leonie you are the relaxation queen!"

Leonie Darch Hypnotherapy

Here is how it all works

Each month there is a theme that we will cover and the themes will all be relevant to the challenges that we face as women today. For example; dealing with feelings of overwhelm, multitasking, body image, emotional eating just to name a few.

The MP3's are exclusively written and recorded by me.   I have ten years of experience in writing guided relaxations for women.

There is additional coaching materials and support through the month to support the issues that we are addressing.  Everything is delivered straight to your inbox or via the facebook group for your convenience.

There will be peer support in a closed facebook group, a community of like minded women to support and share with.  This not only increase our mental wellbeing (endorphins!) but also increase the benefit of the MP3.

Members discounts on Neal's Yard Remedies, additional relaxations and face to face sessions.

The cost of the membership starts at just £9.99 per month and there is no tie in and no hidden extras.  The first month is free and it is all safely arranged through Paypal Subscribe.

This is not a counselling group.  This is a positive membership for real women looking for real solutions.

Are you ready to join? All you need to to is complete the form below and I will take care of the rest!

Listen to a guided relaxation here written and recorded by Leonie Darch

Welcome to Happy Healthy Women.

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