Supporting you through your fertility journey with hypnotherapy and coaching

Leonie Darch Hypnotherapy Conception

The mind/body connection is so strong when it comes to trying to conceive a baby and stress hormones can reduce the chance of getting pregnant. Hypnotherapy effectively supports the conception process whether that is natural or assisted by supported you through one of the most important and stressful times of your life: Pre-conception, ovulation, fertilisation, implantation and beyond.

When we are relaxed in hypnosis the brain produces endorphins which helps restore hormone balance, regulate the nervous system and promote a healthy immune system

Hypnotherapy will not only tackle stress and anxiety but many deep-rooted feelings that may affect our ability to conceive.  The mind-body connection is so strong that key systems like the reproductive organs can become healthy, stronger and more efficient through carefully planned visualisation and suggestion.  If you have never visualised a follicle in the ovaries developing a strong viable egg then I more than recommend giving it a try!

Every couple’s story of infertility is different and unique to them.

Every course of hypnotherapy for fertility is created exclusively for you and your needs, I have never delivered the same session twice and this is a crucial part of the service. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to what you need when trying to conceive.

But actually you've probably noticed that no matter how hard to try your thoughts are consumed with getting pregnant, tracking ovulation, cervical mucus and timing sex! Trying to relax seems like the hardest thing in the world .

As a treatment, hypnotherapy for fertility is growing rapidly in popularity because it has no negative side effects and can be used safely in before, during and after pregnancy when women's other options are limited.

Secondary infertility

Sometimes women who have been pregnant in the past struggle to conceive again, this is known as secondary infertility.

How can that be? My body has done it before, surely it can do it again?

The emotional roller coaster of secondary infertility can create a cycle of anxiety that could actually impact the way the body works. It is important to reduce the mental stress and emotions that each cycle brings and release any fears about pregnancy and birth from previous experiences.

My sessions provide a safe space to process any birth trauma and work through how you feel about becoming a mother again.

IVF Support

Each year 50,000 women in the UK go through the procedure, where their eggs are fertilised in a test tube before being implanted in the womb. About one in four of these operations results in a live birth.

A 2016 study conducted by researchers at the University of Nottingham measured cortisol, a hormone that is thought to track stress levels, in the hair of 88 women trying to conceive through IVF. The results, published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology, suggest that those with elevated levels of the chemical, which could correspond to sustained stress, are almost a third less likely to become pregnant.

The findings provide the first proper evidence that long term levels of cortisol, which are affected by many lifestyle factors including diet, exercise, caffeine and most notably stress, may play an important role in determining reproductive outcomes. Scientists believe that interventions to reduce cortisol prior to infertility treatment could therefore improve outcomes for the many thousands of couples undergoing IVF each year.

A client's story

I turned to Leonie and her fertility hypnotherapy after trying to conceive for 11 months with no joy. It had been a really difficult few months, exacerbated by the fact that fertility tests at UHCW (University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire) showed that my AMH was only 0.8%, which had left me feeling so devastated that I would never be able to conceive. I had started fertility acupuncture a few months prior, and was taking various medications prescribed by the fertility clinic at the hospital (clomid and progesterone) but despite all this, I was still getting a negative pregnancy test result each month. I then decided to try fertility hypnotherapy with Leonie (alongside what I was already doing). I had undergone hypnotherapy with Leonie a few months prior (not related to fertility) which had successfully helped with work issues, and so I knew that I trusted Leonie and felt totally at ease, and really wanted to give fertility hypnotherapy a go. Leonie worked through lots of relaxation and visualisation with me which I practiced regularly at home in between our sessions. It was an amazing result when I got a positive pregnancy test after that one cycle of trying fertility hypnotherapy! Months on, I am very happy to say that I am now mother to twins! I am so thankful to Leonie for her treatment and approach, and would definitely recommend Leonie to everyone. Thank you so much for my bundles of joy!!