Bust some hypnosis myths!

Leonie Darch HypnotherapyHYPNOSIS IS A ZONE

Hypnosis is a zone and it is all to do with the speed of your brainwaves at any given time. You may have heard of the ‘Hypnotic Trance’?  This makes it all sound a bit mystical doesn’t it? I’m sure it conjures up images of clock watches being waved in front of someone’s eyes or clicking of fingers.  But actually the ‘trance’ that we refer to is a really natural state, in fact, I would bet that you have probably been this trance at some point today without even realising.  You know when you drive from a to b but don’t remember the journey? Your mind has wandered off and started thinking about other stuff.  Or you’ve found yourself staring out the window pondering the to do list? Or maybe you’ve lost hours stuck in a good book, watching tv or pottering in the garden.  The point is that hypnosis is a really natural state and it is very easy to get into.

So how to we get into hypnosis? 

I mentioned earlier it is all about the speed of your brainwaves.  Let’s put the speed on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the fastest.  When we are at a 10 are brains are switched on and we are alert and very aware of our surroundings and what is going on around us. We are very much in the frontal lobe and able analyse and process track what’s going on. We can have conversations and complete tasks.   Now let’s start to slow those brainwaves down a bit, we hit hypnosis at around a 6 or 7.  It’s at this point you start to get lost in your thoughts, you stop being away of your environment and what’s happening around you, the cars on the road or the ticking clock and you are absorbed in whatever has got your attention whether that be a good book, a movie, that project for work or my voice.

So why is this important? What’s so great about this zone called hypnosis?

Now this is the really clever part!  When you are in the active brain and your analysing whats going on around you, you have this inner voice in your head and this voice is talking to you all day every day telling you how to feel about stuff, what makes you stressed, what you find funny, what makes you anxious. In fact every decision you make in your day is driven from this inner voice!  This voice is not always as positive as we would like, it might be telling you to feel fear before doing a big presentation or to run as fast as you can from that wasp.  This is your subconscious mind.  Now when we go into hypnosis we turn off this inner voice, it goes quiet.  All those negative thoughts are silenced.  It is during this time that we become open to new ways of thinking, we can use techniques to gain confidence about that presentation or calm around the wasp.  Then when you are out of hypnosis that inner voice has changed.  Clever isn’t it!  This is very simply how hypnotherapy works. The power of brainwaves and positive suggestion, visualisation and other therapeutic techniques can make real changes to those behaviours that you just cannot seem to change no matter how hard you try to.

Now lets bust some myths!

You do not get ‘put under or put to sleep’


The easiest way to access hypnosis is through relaxation, slowly reducing the speed of your brainwaves.  This is done through a combination of words, tone of voice and breathing.

I wont remember what happens


Depending on how relaxed you are you will be able to talk, move and remember the session.  If you don’t recall the session it is because you have allowed yourself to fully relax and feel like you are having a snooze!

You can get stuck in Hypnosis


You are totally in control and able to open your eyes and come back to full awareness whenever you like.

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