Leonie Darch Doula

Doula: [Du : la] Noun

Someone who supports you through pregnancy and puts a superhero cape on you for birth

My role as your doula is to be there for you and your birth partner as practical, emotional and informational support before, during and after birth.

I will help and encourage you to find the strength to experience your labour in the best way possible, to feel confident and assured as your labour and birth unfolds.  I will encourage and reassure you when you need it most, removing any fear that you may have and building control as your labour progresses.  I will coach and assist you and your birth partner with your hypnobirthing techniques so that you can focus only on each contraction as they come and go.

As your labour progresses what feels good and is needed will change and I will be your guide to discover what comes next.  You will have my undivided attention and I will protect your birth space from distraction, ensuring the environment is just right for you and your birth partner.  If needed I will help you communicate your needs to the medical team that supports you.

How can a doula help towards a positive birth experience?

  • improved satisfaction and happier memory of childbirth
  • shorter or less strenuous labour and generally less intervention
  • less likelihood of ventouse and forceps births
  • reduced likelihood of an emergency caesarean birth
  • easier transition into parenthood and improved bonding
  • improved interaction between a couple

What is NOT included in doula support?

As a doula I am not medically trained and I do not give any kind of advice. I will not:

  • Carry out any midwifery tasks such as vaginal exams or monitoring the baby’s heart tone
  • Diagnose conditions
  • Make decisions on behalf of their clients
  • Pressure or try to convince their clients to do what they consider to be the best thing
  • Take over the partner’s role but offers support to them as well
  • Usually change shifts or leave after a certain number of hours

Ready to find out more?

I would love to chat about your birth! Click the contact button or call 07930 830130 to arrange a convenient time to talk.